What are angel cards

What are angel cards?

Angel cards are oracle packs full of inspirational and motivational words and phrases. Inspired by the angels themselves, your pack may consist of anything from 36 to a hundred or more cards. Your pack may be illustrated with pictures of angels or beautiful spiritual images, sometimes referencing the words on the card.

Less scary than tarot cards, the angel cards need no special training and can be used within minutes of opening the pack. Most packs have a leaflet or booklet of information describing further information about each card or simply suggesting a variety of ways you can use them.

Your cards may have affirmations, inspirations or straightforward words of guidance. Messages on angel packs are always positive and uplifting. They are suitable for people of all ages and experiences and are completely safe for children to use. My own children and granddaughter have all used my cards from the age of about 2 (even if they only looked at the pictures). My granddaughter loves them and I recall one day about a year ago when she swirled a pack around on the floor and carefully selected one for each of those present. I asked her, ‘what did the angels want to say to me today?’ She considered it carefully before shouting out, ‘snap!’ and we all burst out laughing. Children are brilliant with angel cards because they have no fear of them.
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